Written by Danielle Taylor | Photos courtesy of Rizer Fireworks

For decades, Pennsylvania residents were legally prohibited from buying any fireworks larger than a sparkler within the state, but a new law that went into effect last October changes all that. Now, Pennsylvanians over 18 can enjoy all the repeaters, sky rockets, Roman candles, and other consumer-grade fireworks they want, and Rizer Fireworks has everything you need to add a bang to your Independence Day celebration (or birthday party, backyard barbecue, wedding… you get the idea).

Clifton and Mary Rizer started their business in 1984 in Marienville, and over time, they expanded to add three more locations in northwestern Pennsylvania. To make things more convenient for their customers preparing for the Fourth of July, they’ve also set up five temporary tent shops, including two in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region in Shippenville and Brookville. With the new law in place, the entire Rizer team is eager to introduce Pennsylvanians to the wide world of fireworks, share their expertise, and help you plan your celebrations.

“We have everything from sparklers and Roman candles to big 500-gram cakes and five-inch mortar sets — it’s a huge range of products,” says Clifton Rizer. The business also provides customized and fully staffed firework shoots at town shows, such as the upcoming Fourth of July celebration in Marienville.

Vice president Christina Rizer advises customers to work with Rizer staff to find the best firework combination for their needs. “The best thing is to come into the store and let the sales associate know the kind of event you’re planning,” she says. “We have special items for gender reveals, weddings, and other events.” Rizer Fireworks also offers buy one, get two deals on select items and free gifts with large orders in their permanent locations.

To ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch, Christina Rizer shares the following safety guidelines. “Always make sure you block or stake your products, never light anything with any part of your body above the firework, and wear safety glasses if possible. After the firework is used, make sure you wet it down thoroughly.” Furthermore, don’t operate fireworks under the influence or set them off on dry or windy days, and familiarize yourself with local firework and noise ordinances to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

With some preparation, you can make your Independence Day celebration a major hit. To contact Rizer Fireworks, go to or call (814) 927-6637.

Learn more and find other interesting places to visit in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region by going to or calling (814) 849-5197.

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