By Joanna Brooks

The Inn at Deer Creek Winery is now open! I can’t even express how this makes me and my family feel.  The inn has been in our minds for so long (5+ years) that it feels strange to have it be actually happening in real life. My parents and I have poured so many hours into this bed and breakfast. It has been a long, arduous process and it feels nice to be done with the designing. We are so excited to share this journey with you all!

We have been working hard making sure that all of the linens match and the shampoos and conditioners will be here in time.  We are testing chocolates, writing tv guides, picking out tapestries, and making fire escape plans. We are painting walls and moving around furniture. We are hiring new people, making schedules, and figuring out a new rhythm. We are buying decorations and setting up computers and figuring out the best way to make our visitors feel welcome. And it is all coming together and it feels amazing. We are so very ready for the Inn to be open. And we are so very ready for you to see the finished product!

And so, without further ado, I give you some glimpses into the brand-new Inn at Deer Creek Winery!

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The pictures don’t even do it justice! You need to see it in person. Stop by and check it out! Or — even better yet — come stay with us! Find more information at  

About the Author: Joanna is the daughter of Deer Creek Winery owners Denis and Rhonda Brooks. She has degrees in both Mathematics and Psychology and is currently traveling throughout Spain and Guatemala. She has been working at and alongside Deer Creek Winery since it opened in 2009.

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