Movie makers are coming to the PA Great Outdoors region. Blood On The Leaves, a feature length film scheduled for release in the summer of 2016, is a character driven drama that will be filmed in the Clarington and Marienville areas this October. The urban shots will be filmed in DuBois and Philadelphia. Sideline Pictures is producing the film with Vincent Barnard (Writer, Director), Craig Inzana (Assistant Director), and Ryan Haggerty (Director of Photography).

“The team behind Blood On The Leaves, Sideline Pictures, is embarking on the massive undertaking that is producing and distributing a feature theatrical film. Vincent, Craig, and Ryan have worked extensively together over the last three years, and separately for many years prior producing quality works of narrative, commercial, and documentary filmmaking. Blood On The Leaves is the logical next step for the duo Vincent Barnard and Craig Inzana after producing the feature length web series, Blue Card a little over a year ago. For Ryan, having worked on a feature length documentary and brought the visually stunning Summer Hatch short film to life, the challenge of Blood On The Leaves is something he’s more than ready to tackle. Along with a very talented team of crew and cast, Blood On The Leaves is sure to stand out from the waves of independent films being produced across the country. More importantly, it will represent the Pennsylvania and Mid-west homes that the crew, producers, and cast are from. Sideline Pictures aims to use “Blood OnThe Leaves” as a catapult to create an equitable micro-budget film economy for local writers, directors, producers, crew, and cast. If this is something you’d like to help make happen, email us to talk about what way you can best contribute.” -Ryan Haggerty, Director of Photography

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