Thousands of people from around the world were able to experience Pennsylvania’s wild elk country from the comfort of their homes this fall.  The last two years, from early September through mid-October, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has hosted a free live webcam overlooking a food plot in the heart of elk country, near Benezette in Elk County, during the elk rut or breeding season.  The statistics from the most recent report are nothing short of amazing.  The live stream was viewed over 538,000 times with people from just about every state in America and 105 countries tuning in. Visitors to the feed not only saw elk rutting activity but deer, wild turkey, and many other animals made appearances as well.


Above photo by Bill Kuexzynski

“I love the idea as it definitely has helped attract visitors to the PA Great Outdoors region.  Through social media and other outlets, people from across the globe became aware of the elk cam and started watching the feed. Many of those people decided that they wanted to experience elk country in person and contacted our office.”-John Straitiff Executive Director PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau

Find more information to help you plan a trip to Elk Country online at or call (814) 849-5197.

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