By Adam McCully 

One of our most frequently asked questions here at the PA Great Outdoors is “how do I pull my kids away from their video games?” Our usual answer is with an electric winch and some heavy-duty cable, but some parents prefer a subtler approach. 

Why not offer the experience of a real-life video game? Of course, the biggest draw to the PA Great Outdoors region is the Great Outdoors themselves, but there are plenty of indoor activities that are perfect for those days that are too hot, too cold, rainy, or when you just don’t feel like going outside. 

One of our newest and most exciting attractions is the escape room. If you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad. Escape rooms are a relatively new and extremely fun trend that have been springing up all over the country.  

Originally developed in Japan, an escape room is essentially a real-world adventure game, where players are put inside a locked room and required to solve puzzles to escape. In most cases, there’s a one-hour time limit involved and the rooms and puzzles reflect a theme such as a prison or dungeon.  

Punxsutawney Escape Room

Now you can find not one, but two escape rooms in the PA Great Outdoors region! The first one can be found at the home of Phil himself, Punxsutawney.

The Punxsutawney Escape Room opened a few years ago and already has locals and visitors excited to take place in this real-life adventure. The themes at this escape room are constantly changing, offering guests new and exciting scenarios every time they stop back in to visit.

For more information on the Punxsutawney Escape Room, visit  

Jefferson County Escape Room

The second escape room is also located in Jefferson County and is run by the Jefferson County History Center in Brookville.

This escape room is seasonal, with the next scheduled run to take place in the fall of 2017.

For more information on the Jefferson County History Center and its escape room head to

Since these attractions take place in actual real-life buildings and not on a computer screen, a reservation is required beforehand. Once you’ve made your reservation, prepare to stretch your brain muscles in ways you’ve never imagined. Escape rooms are also great for developing problem solving skills and improving teamwork. So, get your friends and family rounded up and book your very own adventure today.

Find more information to help you plan a trip to the PA Great Outdoors region online at or call (814) 849-5197.

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