There are so many roads through stunningly beautiful country in the PA Great Outdoors region to drive and explore, the hardest part is deciding which routes you should take.

This the third of four highlighted routes that will take you on a tour through some of the most majestic and scenic views in Pennsylvania. Along the way, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy the stunning vistas and visit some enchanting and interesting destinations.

These are just suggested routes. Feel free to explore, make changes, and take side trips as you choose. Be sure to start each drive with a full tank, because there are some stretches where gas stations are few and far between and cellular service is spotty at best.

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107 Miles

2 Hours and 30 Minutes

This drive features the town of Punxsutawney, (home of the world-famous weather predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, the most unique Harley Davidson dealership in the country, two historic towns, Brookville and Ridgway, the Wild & Scenic Clarion River, and some of the most beautiful scenery Pennsylvania has to offer.

Starting at the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau in Brookville make a left on Maplevale Road. Turn right on Jenks Street. In 1 mile make a slight right on to Valley Street, and another slight right on South White Street. Continue on Route 36 South/South White Street for 19.5 miles.

Turn left on Walston Road and follow it for 2.4 miles until it becomes North Findley Street. Follow that for .8 miles and you’ll find yourself in the “Weather Capital of the World”, Punxsutawney. A) Learn about weather with fun, hands-on exhibits at the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center.

Following North Findley Street, make a left onto Clark Street. From Clark Street make another left onto Route 119 North. Follow Route 119 North for 13.5 miles, until you reach Sykesville.

In Sykesville, turn left on Route 119/Sykes street and follow this road for 3 miles. Head northeast on Route 119 North towards Route 322 West/28th Division Highway. Follow this for 1 mile before making a left on Route 219 North.

Follow Route 219 North for 2.7 miles. Then, make a left turn on East Dubois Avenue. B) Stop at DuBois Harley Davidson, “The Most Unique Harley Davidson Dealership in the U.S.A”.

Upon leaving DuBois Harley Davidson, make a left on Route 219 North/West DuBois Avenue and follow that for 9.8 miles to Brockway.

From Brockway, turn right onto 219 North and follow that for 17.5 miles to Ridgway. C) On your way, stop at the BP Inn and try some of their world famous hot dogs and frosted beer mugs.

In Ridgway, make a left turn on South Broad Street. D) Ridgway’s Lily of the Valley Tour of Historic Homes Tour is a must see for visitors of all ages. These magnificent homes were built between 1855 and 1917 and they’re an outstanding example of the lumber heritage that abounds in North Central PA. For maps and more information on the tour, stop in the Ridgway Chamber of Commerce on Main Street.

Take Route 949 South/State Street for .5 miles.

Continue on Route 949 for 16.6 miles before turning right onto Route 949 South and following that for 14.8 miles to Sigel. E) While on Route 949, make sure to stop by the Elk County Elk Farm and try their delicious elk jerky.

In Sigel turn left on Route 36 South. Follow that for 7.5 miles to Brookville. F) Top off your journey by sampling some moonshine at the Blackbird Distillery.

*Suggested Side Trips

  1. G) Gobbler’s Knob-Punxsutawney
  2. H) Clear Creek State Park and Beartown Rocks-Sigel
  3. I) Scripture Rocks Heritage Park –Brookville

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