(Above photo of Top of the World – Mason Hill Overlook by Randy Frey)

There are so many roads in the PA Great Outdoors region to drive and explore, the hardest part is deciding which routes you should take. This is the second of four highlighted routes that will take you on a tour through some of the most majestic and scenic views in Pennsylvania. Along the way, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy the stunning vistas and visit some enchanting and interesting destinations. These are just suggested routes. Feel free to explore, make changes, and take side trips as you choose. Be sure to start each drive with a full tank, because there are some stretches where gas stations are few and far between and cellular service is spotty at best. There are more driving tour routes available on our website at

Wapiti Way_Adam's Version



86 Miles

2 Hours and 20 Minutes

This drive offers spectacular mountain views in the heart of Pennsylvania’s wild elk country. Wykoff Run Road in the Quehanna Wild Area is a destination in and of itself. With so many twists and turns, this route is sure to excite even the most apathetic traveler.


(Photo by Tom Dorsey)

Starting at the Elk Country Visitor Center, make a left turn at the bottom of the hill onto Winslow Hill Road. Follow this road for 1.5 miles until you reach the town of Benezette.

From Benezette, turn right on Route 255 West for 3 miles to Medix Run. A) While there, shop for unique items and country collectibles at the Elk Country Store.

Turn Left on the Quehanna Highway for 14.4 miles. Make a sharp left turn onto Wykoff Run Road and then follow it for 10 miles to Sinnemahoning. B) The Marion Brooks Natural Area is a must see stop for visitors. You’ll be amazed by the huge stand of Eastern White Birch trees.

From Sinnemahoning take Route 120 West for 21.6 miles to the town of Emporium. C) Keep an eye out for the Driftwood Saloon and Grill for a meal worth writing home about. From Emporium take Route 120 West 19 miles to St. Marys. D) While in Emporium you can visit the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce and Artisan Center to view some magnificent pieces provided by local artisans.

Upon entering St. Marys, make a left at Sorg Street. E) While there, visit the world famous Straub Brewery and take a drink from their “Eternal Tap”.  From Sorg Street, turn left on Brusselles Street. Follow Brusselles Street as it veers to the right and becomes South Michaels Street in .4 miles. Turn Left on to Route 255 South/North St. Marys Street. Continue on Route 255 South for 8.8 miles. F) Be sure to sample some premium vintage at the Elk Mountain Winery while your nearby. Turn left on Caledonia Road. Follow it for 3.7 miles. Turn left on Route 555 East and back to Benezette for some more elk viewing!

*Suggested Side Trips:

G) From the town of Sinnemahoning, turn left on Route 872 North. Follow this route for 13 miles to visit the Sinnemahoning State Park, the George B. Stevenson Dam, and the Sinnemahoning Wildlife Center. Three destinations for the price of one!

H) From Driftwood, take Route 555 for 2 miles until you reach Mason Hill Road. This is where you’ll find the Mason Hill Overlook, nicknamed the “Top of the World”

I) While in Emporium, look for South Broad Street. Take it out of town for 2 miles until it becomes Whittimore Road, which will lead to Whittimore Overlook.

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