By Danielle Taylor

Combining modern technology and old-fashioned treasure hunting, geocaching has taken off in northwest Pennsylvania, and players can find thousands of hidden caches in inconspicuous but publicly accessible locations throughout the region. A cache usually consists of a small waterproof container with a logbook and perhaps a few inexpensive toys or trinkets inside, and with a handheld GPS or smartphone, you can start your search and perhaps begin hiding some caches of your own. Cachers find clues and coordinates online and follow them to their quarry, and upon discovery, they log their find in the cache’s book and can take or leave a small memento. If you plan to take a trinket, bring one to leave for the next adventurer.

To play, create an account on or the Geocaching app, and check out the “Find Geocaches Near You” map dotted with caches in your area.

From July 13-15, The Forest Lodge & Campground in Marienville will host a full weekend of geocaching fun in Allegheny National Forest. Make your reservations now to join your fellow cachers for three days of seeking hidden treasures and spending time with great people who share your interest in this exciting activity.

Find more information on fishing and other interesting things to do and places to explore in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region by going to or calling (814) 849-5197.

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