“Real shine takes time” is the slogan of Blackbird Distillery in Brookville, PA which holds the title of the first licensed Moonshine distillery in Pennsylvania. Owners, Jennifer and David Black, focus is hand-made single batch moonshine and have created a unique “hillbilly” experience around it. They operate from a new barn-style wood building at the end of a long country driveway. As you turn into the driveway you’ll notice a vintage Ford flatbed with whiskey barrels in the back and the Blackbird Distillery logo on the doors. They are the only distillery in the country making moonshine without machinery. All the corn used in making their products is grown locally. The spent mash is given to local farmers to feed livestock.

“It’s hand-crafted on site from grain to bottle. We are trying to show people how they made moonshine back in the day when they made it in the woods. It’s an art.”-Jennifer Black

When a batch of “shine” is done it is bottled, then the bottles are corked, labeled by hand, and then dipped in copper-colored wax.

Blackbird Distillery and their many flavors of moonshine have quickly grown into “a major tourism attraction.” Visitors are coming to Brookville just to sample their moonshine. When Jennifer is in character as a hillbilly with her hick accent, you can always count on being entertained.”- John Straitiff, Executive Director PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau.

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