Written by Beth Exley | Cover photo & Chocolate Strawberry photo by Chris Lasher

Every day can be a special day for someone, somewhere. July 28 can be a special day for so many of us. It is National Milk Chocolate Day. For those of us in the 5 counties known as the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Region, it means either Divani Chocolatier or Dan Smith’s Candies.

Divani Chocolatier and Barista, located in Foxburg, is a European style chocolatier and barista offering handmade gourmet chocolates, espresso coffees, teas, ice cream, and special diet snacks. Also featuring eclectic and locally handmade gifts and area souvenirs. All of their confections are crafted in house. They make their confections in small batches using premium quality chocolate coverture which is free of additives such as waxes, artificial colors and flavors. Each batch is handmade using their proprietary methods that have been developed over the years.

Dan Smith’s Candies, handmade in Brookville, has stores in Brookville, Clarion, Ridgway, and DuBois. The Dan Smith Company began as an ice cream company in 1946 on the porch of Dan Smith’s home in Brookville, PA. Seven years later, encouraged by the success of his ice cream business, Dan decided to expand into making candy. A few of the first candies created were the coconut and peanut clusters that are still made today.

When celebrating on July 28, make sure you have stopped at one of these fine locations to get your milk chocolate so that you can celebrate properly.

For more information on where to shop in the PA Great Outdoors, go to

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