Written by Beth Exley

October. Fall. Leaves are turning bright and vibrant colors. The weather begins to cool. What could make it any better? October is also Pennsylvania Wine Month! All month long there are special things to do, taste, and discover all across the Keystone State. In the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Region, we offer many wineries to visit, including the home of PA top selling Pennsylvania Wine, Clarion River Red from the Winery at Wilcox. Most of our local wines tend to be a little sweeter and fruitier than traditional wines.

Are you reading this and thinking, “I am not a huge wine drinker, but how can I still celebrate with my wine drinking friends?” Well, the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau has a Wine, Beer, and Shine Tasting Trail that you can follow it through wine, beer, and shine with 23 stops. These places are all unique and offer tastings of wine, or beer, or shine in addition to other specialty items and gifts.

Wine lovers unite. If you needed an excuse to imbibe, now you have one. To celebrate PA Wine month, go to for the tasting trail information. You have all month to check it all out.

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