The word majestic gets used quite a bit these days, and while there are many majestic views and locations in the PA Great Outdoors, few can match the level of jaw dropping, awe inspiring, pinch-me- I-must- be-dreaming amazitude that can be achieved by witnessing millions of fireflies engage in a mating dance that will make you think the very stars in the sky have left their heavenly domicile to put on a nighttime cabaret for your very own viewing pleasure!

Once a year, the Black Caddis Ranch in Kellettville is home to this very sight. They call it the Pennsylvania Firefly Festival and it takes place on June 25 th . Trust me when I tell you, you’ve never seen a sight like this (unless you’ve been to the Firefly Festival in the past, in which case you know exactly what I’m talking about). Over fifteen different species of fireflies can be spotted in a cacophony of bio-luminescence, including the rare species P. Carolinus, which emit their flashes in a synchronous pattern that are reminiscent of Christmas lights being strung through the forest.

Of course, what’s a main course without appetizers? The PA Firefly Festival isn’t just about viewing the fireflies. The event starts at 12 pm and includes food vendors, craft vendors, educational exhibits, and live music till the sun goes down. Experienced guides will lead you to some prime viewing spots at around 10 pm so you and your family can witness something that truly is majestic.

The perfect end to a perfect day like this would have to include camping under the stars. Luckily, the good people at Black Caddis Ranch have been kind enough to provide camping spots for a $10 donation, and you’ll even be treated to breakfast the following morning courtesy of the Tionesta Lion’s Club.

For more information on this once-a- year event, head over to Here you can find all the details on the PA Firefly Festival, including what bands will be playing, what you should bring with you, and even a link to secure your camping spot. For more information on Black Caddis Ranch check out and type “Black Caddis Ranch” in the search bar or call (814) 849-5197.

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