By Marlene Lellock, Director

Do you like to make memorable moments for your children? One fun way to do just that is with a visit to the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center. Located in the home of Punxsutawney Phil, the Weather Discovery Center is an interactive science center devoted to weather that offers an experience that’s educational as well as entertaining.

How do tornadoes form? What’s the science of thunderstorms? Does a ring around the moon mean rain? What exactly is the legend of Punxsutawney Phil all about? And how do those TV meteorologists do their forecasts? These questions and many more are answered in an engaging, interactive way so that children (and adults) have fun while learning.

On the Twist-n-Shout exhibit, kids “become” a tornado. They can follow that up with a “shocking” experience that replicates the electricity of lightning at the Van De Graaff generator.
The AccuWeather Forecasting Station gives visitors a chance to try their hand at being a TV meteorologist as they stand in front of our green screen and watch themselves on the TV monitor. Everyone gets a bit of exercise and an understanding of the “recipe” for a thunderstorm at the Perfect Storm exhibit. And weather buffs of all ages will enjoy a weather feature in our theater.

For a glimpse at how people predicted the weather in the days before radio, television, and computer models, walk through our Weather Lore Landscape. Find out if the sayings our great grandparents told us are true: Do cows really lie down when it’s going to rain? When the leaves on trees turn upside down, is a storm coming? What does it mean when pigs scratch in the dirt?

While the kids are having fun, the adults will enjoy exhibits that tell the story of the 101-year-old former post office building in which the Weather Discovery Center is located and the Meteorologist’s Hall of Fame, which honors professionals who have made important contributions to the science of weather.

Finally, a stop in our gift shop for a weather-related toy, game or book will make your visit at the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center complete!

For more information and news about upcoming events and programs, visit, our Facebook page at, or call us at 814-938-1000.

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