Saturday, October 19 marked the final race of the Inaugural Sinnemahone Triple Crown. The events included a canoe/kayak race in April, gravel bike race in September and trail run in October. The events brought more than 200 people to Cameron County, which according to organizers was the goal. “We wanted something unique to attract people to the county that would not only show off the DCNR Elk State Forest, but also expose people to our wonderful businesses,” says Cameron County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Tina Solak. Participants from 10 states and 3 countries (Canada, Germany and Belgium) stayed in the county.

Eleven people participated in all the events earning them the triple crown. Three of those are members of one family. “Having events that encourage family members to compete together is a bonus of the Triple Crown”, continued Solak. Saul Solveson, his wife, Cristy and their 14-year-old son Eastyn took home the pins. Others from Emporium included: Toni Flament, Garrett Hornung, Dave McManigle, and Dustin Burgoon. Randy Bailey from Driftwood joined Stephen Spinda from Kersey, Adam Reed from State College and Corrie Amick from Fairview. Corrie made headlines on the Sinnemahone Gravel Race when she ran over a rattlesnake on the course. Several of the individuals never competed in running or biking events according to Solak.

On Saturday two records in the six-year old Sinnemahone Ultra Trail Run were broken in the 12K race. Andrew Mitcheltree from North Carolina completed the event in 57:33, while Eugenia Recendez-Clark from Emporium smashed the women’s record by finishing in 1:18:15. A total of 73 registered for the races which began at 7:30am and finished at 5:15pm when the final contestant crossed the finish line on the West Creek Recreational Trail in Emporium.

Plans are already underway to continue the series in 2020 which will begin with the Paddle Sinnemahone canoe/kayak race on April 4.

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