(Above image view of power lines that cross Route 120 with “The Well” just out of view to the left of the care on Route 120)

By Bob Imhof

The Stone Quarry was a small community located on the hillside above Route 120 – the Ridgway to St. Marys Road. There is little information about it.

Stone was cut and shipped via a railroad grade that joined the Philadelphia & Erie (Pennsylvania Railroad) in the valley to the North of Route 120 after crossing the Elk Creek bridge. The stone cut in the quarry and surrounding area was used to build many of the homes and buildings in Ridgway and the stone was shipped to New York, Philadelphia and distant points. Pennsylvania Railroad trestles were built from stones quarried at the stone quarry.


(view looking toward Ridgway – Stone Quarry Foundations are on the left side)

The village contained a church, a school and a boarding house along with railroading equipment and the equipment for stone cutting and had a confectionery store operated by Charles P. Bonini and the Bonini family lived above the store.

The teacher at the school was Maude Daley and according to the limited history on the site, she taught the children of the small village from 1903-1911.


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