A husband and wife team from Elk County has adopted the West Creek Rails to Trails, and so far they have placed 23 geocaches along a 3 mile section of the trail. The GPS coordinates for the hiding places can be found at under the name WCRT.

Michael Groll credits his wife, Kimberly with coming up with the idea. Between the two of them, they have 7 years traveling the United States and five countries uncovering 2300 caches. Many times in the last year they traveled through Emporium. “Every time we drove past the new Rails to Trails on our way to get caches, she would look over at it and ask why aren’t there any caches there?  Then late last year, she made the decision that we are going to do this trail,” said Groll. Right now the caches are confined to a three mile section from Moore Hill Road heading east towards Emporium. Plans are in the works for another Geocache team to expand the caches west to Truman. The group hopes to have others place caches throughout the planned 18 mile trail connecting St Marys and Emporium.

Groll says many local geocache hunters have found the caches, but recently the trail is attracting geocache enthusiasts from outside of the region. Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Groll credits the hobby with finding his bride.

I met my wife through Geocaching and our wedding was even published as a geocaching event.  For some, this hobby comes and goes.  But for myself, I’m still enjoying every adventure and at this point, I couldn’t imagine geocaching not being part of my life.”


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