Whether you’re a wine aficionado or you just enjoy the occasional glass with dinner, the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region has an abundant selection of wines, craft beers, and moonshine flavors (yes, I said moonshine!) to suit any palate.

And if you’re into wine pairings, nothing goes better with a glass of red or white than some of the most beautiful scenery and exciting locales that the great state of Pennsylvania has to offer. Enjoy a Riesling on the river, or a shiraz in a secluded forest cabin. Cap off a night in one of our historic towns with a pinot noir, and through it all use our Uncorked, PA Great Outdoors Wine Trail Map to guide you to your next destination.

Better yet, plan a stay during one of our many wine festivals and take in the local culture. Whatever your ideal vino vacation consists of, you can find your start with a PA Great Outdoors Wine Trail Map. Visit for more information or follow the Uncork the PA Great Outdoors page on Facebook.

To request a copy of the Uncork the PA Great Outdoors Wine Trail Map, call 1-814-849-5197.

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