St. Marys, PA – Celebrating its 145-year history as one of the country’s oldest craft brewers, Straub Brewery is debuting its popular 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager as the company’s newest year-round offering. The German-style craft beer is available throughout Pennsylvania in 12-packs, as well as limited draft at your local tavern.

Inspired by Straub Brewery Founder Peter Straub—who began brewing in St. Marys, PA, in 1872 at a time when pale lagers had more color, a more pronounced malt flavor, and were a touch hoppier than they are these days—1872 is a classic pre-Prohibition-style lager. Straub Brewery first started producing 1872 as a seasonal in 2012.

Pouring a light tan with a lingering head of small tight bubbles, 1872 has a mild spice-and-floral hop aroma balanced with a slight malty sweetness and some light toasty notes, and is punctuated by a clean, crisp finish.

“Ever since we first brewed 1872 in 2012, people have been asking us to make it available throughout the year,” said Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta. “So, I am especially happy that 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager will indeed now be available year-round as part of the new Peter Straub Signature Brew lineup. This classic American beer is crisp and full-bodied, but yet has a drinkability that makes it go well with just about any occasion.”

For meals and parties, 1872 pairs well with a variety of dishes, including cheesy party dips; brunch dishes, such as omelets and French toast; marinated chicken, steak, or tofu; jerky; pizza; stuffed pork chops; chili and vegetable soup; and baked hams and turkeys.

1872 will also be available as part of the “Peter Straub Signature Brews” Adventure Series 3 sampler, which will be released later this year. Adventure Series 1—featuring Wild*Boy Hopped Lager , Tight Lines Ale, Boulder, and Ridge Top Runner—is currently available.

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