Written by Beth Exley

Photo by Chris Lasher Photography

On July 4, 1776, the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year, on the fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event.

The United States annually celebrates this momentous occasion with FIREWORKS. There is nothing more exciting than hearing the fireworks echo through the mountains.

The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region has many opportunities to view fireworks and enjoy the lighting up of the night sky.

Gumtown Park, New Bethlehem, July 3
Clarion University Football Stadium
, Clarion, July 3
St. Mary’s Area High School, St. Marys, July 3
Barclay Square, Punxsutawney, July 3
Corsica Fireman’s Grounds, Corsica, July 4
Taylor Memorial Park, Brockway, July 4
Wolf’s Corners Fairgrounds, Tionesta, July 4
MACA Park, Marienville, July 4
Cameron High School Football Field, Emporium, July 6

If you have the chance, see some of these wonderful displays to celebrate what those so long ago worked so hard to provide for us. Happy Independence Day to one and all. For more information on Fireworks and many other events in the 5 county region that is the Great Outdoors at

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