By John Straitiff

The new Sinnemahoning Water Trail offers paddlers more than 75 miles to explore through picturesque landscapes. Spend the day in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Wild Elk Country as you paddle through the Bennett Valley. Enjoy a scenic adventure in Bucktail Natural Area in Driftwood Valley, and wonder at the beautiful Elk and Sproul State Forests in Sinnemahoning Valley. The Bennett Branch and Driftwood Branch begin as small streams high in the mountains of Elk and Cameron Counties. As the streams reach the valley floors, they transform into beautiful, calm rivers. In the town of Driftwood, the Bennett and Driftwood Branches converge to form the mighty Sinnemahoning Creek, which is famous for outstanding paddling and fishing opportunities. Paddling is seasonal depending on waterflow with spring and fall, and the best time to go is shortly after it rains.

Bennett Branch Water Trail (39.8 miles)
The stream drops 900 feet from its headwaters near Sabula to the mouth at Driftwood.

Driftwood Branch Water Trail (20 miles)
The stream drops 1,380 feet from its headwaters near Rich Valley to the mouth at Driftwood.

  • Front Street Park to Cameron – 6.0 miles
  • Cameron to Emporium Country Club – 1.8 miles
  • Emporium Country Club to Sterling Run Park – 2.2 miles
  • Sterling Run to Driftwood – 10.0 miles

Sinnemahoning Creek Water Trail (15.5 Miles)
The stream drops 120 feet from the confluence of Bennett Branch and Driftwood Branch near the town of Driftwood to the mouth in Keating.

  • Driftwood to Sinnemahoning – 3.7 miles
  • Sinnemahoning to Keating – 11.8 miles

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