Information and images courtesy of Straub Brewery

In mid-March, Straub Brewery will release its Adventure Series #1 variety pack remixed with some familiar faces! The lineup includes Straub’s award-winning Tight Lines Ale, 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager, Smooth Eddy Hefe, and Boulder Bock. Find your Adventure on shelves beginning later this month.

Tight Lines Ale Kölsch is a tribute to the thousands of miles of trout streams, lakes, and waterways flowing throughout the PA Wilds and Pennsylvania Great Outdoors regions, like First Fork, Bennett Branch, and the East Branch of the Clarion River, Pennsylvania’a 2019 River of the Year. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find the Straub crew perched on a bank or wading in a stream with their poles in the water and a cooler nearby stocked with this light-bodied, slightly grassy, award-winning brew. The best part is, they’re always willing to share!

Straub’s 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager embodies the enduring legacy of one of the most historic and iconic breweries in the U.S. Inspired by Straub Brewery founder Peter Straub, who began brewing in St. Marys in 1872 when pale lagers had more color, pronounced malt flavor, and were a touch hoppier than they are these days, the 1872 lager is a classic beer with a classic taste! It has a mild spice-and-floral hop aroma balanced with a slight malty sweetness and some light toasty notes, punctuated by a clean, crisp finish.

Inspired by the many scenic waterways in the PA Wilds and Pennsylvania Great Outdoors regions that offer world-class canoeing and kayaking for folks of all skill levels, Smooth Eddy Ale is a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. With a hazy golden color like the fog rising off the Clarion River in the morning, Smooth Eddy is swirling with banana aromas and clove spice. This ale makes a refreshing choice after a lazy float down the river or tearing through some rapids. Be sure to give Smooth Eddy a swirl and kick up the Weihenstephan yeast esters for the best experience!

Brewed with a unique combination of German and American ingredients, the pale-colored Boulder Bock lager is crafted with serious adventure seekers and beer drinkers in mind. Like the many vistas of the PA Wilds and Pennsylvania Great Outdoors regions, this brew will leave you wanting more! Boulder Bock is a traditional Maibock-style lager seasonal for the spring, so when the snow melts and you find yourself enjoying the warmer weather, be sure test out this beer.

To learn more about Straub Brewery and other destinations in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region, go to or call (814) 849-5197.

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