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St. Marys, PA – Throughout October and November, Straub Brewery is launching its 2016 Straub Legacy Sampler, featuring an all-star lineup of four popular craft beers: 1872 Lager, Helles, Dunkel, and Doppelbock. The limited-release Legacy Sampler is available throughout Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio while supplies last in 12-packs, which include three bottles of each of these traditional German-style beers.

“Straub’s Legacy Sampler is one of our best examples of local handcrafted brewing that combines all that is good about craft beer and the deep traditions and heritage of Straub Brewery,” said Straub Brewery President and CEO William Brock. “Given the time of year, our Legacy Sampler craft beers fit the Straub lifestyle: the 1872 Lager is perfect after a long Saturday afternoon in the woods with the dogs; or the Helles while spending time with friends, watching the game or just catching up; and the Dunkel would be my choice while perched on a bar stool at the local tavern after work, especially as the evenings get shorter and cooler. And I always look forward to slow sips of Doppelbock after dinner, sitting by my fire at home.”

The 2016 Straub Legacy Sampler marks the return of these four fan-favorite brews that have become anticipated staples of Straub Brewery’s growing profile of craft beers.

1872 Lager Individual Bottle Image

Straub 1872 Lager

Inspired by Straub Brewery Founder Peter Straub—who began brewing in St. Marys, PA, in 1872 at a time when pale lagers had more color, a more pronounced malt flavor, and were a touch hoppier than they are these days—Straub 1872 Lager is a classic pre-Prohibition-style lager. Pouring a light tan with a lingering head of small tight bubbles, Straub 1872 Lager has a mild spice-and-floral hop aroma balanced with a slight malty sweetness and some light toasty notes, and is punctuated by a clean, crisp finish.

Straub 1872 Lager pairs well with: cheesy party dips; brunch dishes, such as omelets and French toast; marinated chicken, steak, or tofu; jerky; pizza; stuffed pork chops; chili and vegetable soup; and holiday hams and turkeys.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Our 1872 Lager is crisp and refreshing as an American Lager should be, but it packs a classic beer flavor like beers did back in the 19th Century. Straub 1872 Lager is a great fall beer, especially as the weather starts to get cool and the leaves turn gold and red.”

Helles Individual Bottle Image

Straub Helles

A tribute to the traditional Helles style—first created in Munich in 1894 and taking its name from the German word for “pale”—Straub Helles is subtle in flavor with light malty notes balanced by a spice-and-floral hop bitterness, and a straw-like color. Pouring a white foamy head, Straub Helles offers a crisp, refreshing, and well-balanced tasting experience with a clean finish.

Straub Helles pairs well with: fish, such as trout, salmon, and tuna; seafood, such as shrimp, crab, and lobster; barbecued chicken and hot wings; pasta dishes; fruit and vegetable salads or salsas; and lighter desserts, such as vanilla mousse, fruit pies, and sugar cookies.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Straub Helles is an incredibly smooth and balanced craft beer. This traditional Munich pale lager is an absolute crowd pleaser, especially for an afternoon of tailgating at the stadium or watching football with friends from the comfort of home.”

Straub Dunkel

Straub Dunkel

Flavorful, medium-bodied, and smooth, Straub Dunkel is styled after the classic dark beers of Munich. “Dunkel” is German for dark, befitting its amber-brown hues. Pouring with a rich and thick foam head, Straub Dunkel presents toasted-bread and roasted-malt flavor notes, balanced by a mild, noble-hop character.

Straub Dunkel pairs well with: German-inspired foods, ranging from bratwurst and other sausages to sauerkraut and German potato salad; the Reuben sandwich and burgers; toasted cheese sandwiches; stuffed bell peppers; grilled steaks; marinated tofu; and flavorful cheeses.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta:Can you say Dunkel-icious? I can and I do! Our Straub Dunkel has a great upfront flavor of toasted bread and roasted malt, with just enough bitterness from the German Tradition hops we us to make for a super-smooth, balanced finish.”

Straub Doppelbock

Straub Doppelbock

Following Bavarian tradition, in the late 19th Century, Peter Straub brewed a special winter Bock called Ulmar Salvator. As a tasty nod to our founder’s legacy, Straub Doppelbock recreates this rich, malty beer that has notes of roasted caramel and sweet toffee. Because of its rich flavor and sweet overtones, Straub Doppelbock has become beloved as a perfect sipper to cap a great meal or as a special treat anytime.

Straub Doppelbock pairs well with: hearty winter soups; roasted-veggie side dishes with such ingredients as butternut squash and sweet potatoes; steamed or mashed carrots and cauliflower; chocolate candy and chocolate desserts, such as cakes, cupcakes, pudding, and cookies; caramel popcorn; and peanut brittle.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Straub Doppelbock is like a box of chocolates in a beer bottle! Our Doppelbock has become a local legend for its rich malty sweetness and awesome caramel and toffee flavors. With desert, or as a desert by the fire, either way Doppelbock can’t be beat.”

About Straub Brewery

Straub Brewery, Inc. is an international award-winning brewery founded in 1872 by German immigrant Peter Straub, who, at age 19, left his family and homeland in search of the American Dream. Today, Straub Brewery is an American Legacy Brewery™.

Located in St. Marys, PA, it is one of the oldest and most historic breweries in the United States, and is still owned and operated by its founding family, now into its sixth and seventh generations. Fodor’s Travel named Straub Brewery one of the “5 Best Places in America to Drink American Beer.”

Straub Brewery produces Straub American Lager, Straub American Light Lager, Straub American Amber Lager, Straub IPL (India Pale Lager), and a lineup of seasonal craft brews, such as Kölsch Ale, Vienna Lager, Dunkel, Helles, Doppelbock, 1872 Lager, Maibock, Groundhog Altbier, Oktoberfest, Pilsner, and Hefeweizen.

Straub Brewery has been the recipient of numerous awards, including Gold (Straub American Lager) and Bronze (Straub American Light Lager) medals from the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship; Bronze medal (Straub Kölsch Ale) from the 2016 World Beer Cup; and a 2015 NBWA Brewer Partner of the Year Award from the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

Recently, Straub Brewery was a filming location for the 10th Anniversary season of the popular FIREBALL RUN adventure-travel TV series, which will air in 2017.

For more information and to connect with Straub Brewery on social media, please visit: www.StraubBeer.com.  Find information to plan a trip to visit Straub Brewery and other interesting locations in the PA Great Outdoors region online at VisitPAGO.com or call (814) 849-5197.

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