Written by Beth Exley

Join Double Diamond Deer Ranch for Pebbles 20th Birthday Party on June 15, 2019. The birthday party will be at 6pm, which is Treat Time for the deer. This is when customers are permitted to feed all the deer. After Treat Time for the deer, there will be cake for the customers. There will also be games for the kids to help celebrate this monumental birthday.
In researching, I have found that some of the oldest whitetail deer have passed at 21 – 24 years old. This is only achieved in captivity and it has not happened very often. This makes it possible that Pebbles is the oldest surviving whitetail in Pennsylvania. Pebbles, born in June of 1999, is a piebald whitetail, which means that she is a 3-color deer. Double Diamond Deer Ranch purchased her as a fawn from another deer raiser. Pebbles was one of 4 fawns born to the same mother that year. Pebbles had 3 brothers, Fred, Barney, and Bam Bam.

In Pebbles lifetime, she has been a mother to white deer, brown deer, and piebald deer. Right now she has 2 daughters, a son, a granddaughter, and 3 great grandchildren at the Ranch. Whether Pebbles knows it or not, she has a lot to be proud of. Join Rusty and the folks at Double Diamond Deer Ranch on June 15 to celebrate with Pebbles on achieving this rarely seen birthday.

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