Nature has a magical way of relieving the stress of our busy world. That is certainly a big part of why people enjoy coming to the PA Great Outdoors region. Here you can unplug and truly relax. What’s better than waking up to the smell of fresh pine-scented air and hearing birds chirping to welcome the new day? Or sitting back and feeling the warm glow of your campfire as you watch the stars come out at night. There is nothing more refreshing for the soul than a day spent floating down the Wild & Scenic Clarion and Allegheny Rivers. Our part of Pennsylvania is blessed with many hiking trails. One of the most spectacular hikes is the Long Fellow Trail in Cook Forest State Park through the Forest Cathedral. Many of the giant trees here have been standing for well over 300 years, and some of the hemlocks are over 400 years old. The PA Great Outdoors has many spectacular views as well. Two must-see views are Brady’s Bend Overlook in East Brady and Mason Hill Road Overlook known as Top of the World in Cameron County. Glaciers left many giant boulders and impressive rock formations across our landscape. Some of the more popular ones to visit include Seneca Point in Cook Forest State Park, Beartown Rocks at Clear Creek State Park, Umbrella Rocks near Ridgway, and the Minister Creek region off Route 666 in Forest County. And man do we have wildlife. Eagle and osprey can often be seen soaring over overhead. We are home to Pennsylvania’s wild elk herd. Our forest of teaming with whitetail deer, black bear, wild turkey, and many other species both big and small. Gas up the car, lace up your hiking boots, grab your camera, and reconnect with nature this year. Plan you next outdoor adventure at or call (814) 849-5197 for more information.

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