Written by Beth Exley

In March of 2003, the main retail block of buildings in Tionesta burned to the ground. For almost 10 years, the lot sat empty with the community waiting for someone to take interest in the property and to reinvest in its development. During this time, traffic in the community declined and other remaining stores became vacant and/or operated marginally. At a meeting, it was suggested that perhaps they might be able to place temporary structures on the property and create a little vendor village, a village of retail spaces for the smaller business to have access to a larger market without oppressive overhead. A group effort was made to create what is now the Tionesta Market Village, a block of individual “boutiques” created to resemble 1800’s Victorian style storefronts filled with locally made products. Vendors are predominately selling handmade or artisan items. Items include crafts, fine art, antiques, fishing gear, soaps, lotions, jams, jellies, sauces, jewelry, stained glass, local wines, farmer’s produce, and much more.

The Market Village, now entering its 7th year, has given Tionesta a sense of pride and serves as a gathering spot on weekends for both visitors and locals. “The Village” is a great place to shop but also a great place to relax with a playground for the kids and a live music gazebo. It is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Holiday and special off-season hours will be made in available via their website: MarketVillage-Tionesta.com.

If you are in search of a unique experience, visit the Tionesta Market Village the next time you are in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region.

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