Hikers can now enjoy a new trail along the nationally designated Wild & Scenic Clarion River.  Tobecco Trail is a semi-long distance hiking trail that links Cook Forest and Clear Creek State Parks. The trail is eight miles in length through some beautiful country.  This scenic hiking trail starts at Route 36 on the western end and goes east along the Clarion River to Route 899, hikers will then continue along Route 899 before heading into Clear Creek State Park.  Tobecco Trail will take hikers right into the Campground at Clear Creek State Park.  Spectacular scenic over looks and vistas are dotted along the trail.  Portions of the trail follow the Clarion River while other portions take hikers up and over some of the ridges as the Clarion River twists and turns below.  The trail is still under construction, as volunteers and park staff, continue installing bridges and signage.  Maps and more information about the trail are available at either State Park Office. For more information about hiking trails in the PA Great Outdoors region call (814) 849-5197 or online at

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