The Cameron County Historical Society is pleased to announce its latest book entitled “Cameron” by researchers Glenda (Neenan) Card and Dianne (Connelly) DeShong from the Lumber Township Heritage Collection featuring early families such as; Spangler, Strawbridge, Huff, Richey and many more.

Many local people contributed to the creation of this book, including Jean (Schreffler) Burfield, Jim Miller, Guy Howlett, Francis Stuart, Suzanne (Sullivan) Murray, John Bower, Mo Johnson and so many more. The Village of Cameron touched the lives of so many that brought about much joy to those who still remain today to tell tales of the past.

“Cameron” covers much of what many of us still remember such as Jack’s Place which was renamed by its new owners as the “Cameron Hotel”, Big Rock swimming hole, the schools dating as far back as 1862, and the Square Timber Race Track at Moateville. Hard to believe but it use to attract 500 spectators on a Sunday afternoon.

Included is a section on Frances (Schwab) Murray who is given credit for much as the inspiration of our book(s). It is through her memories, that the series of books are able to reconstruct much of the history of Cameron. Aunt Fan, as she was often referred to, gave writers rare insights into the people and occupations that supported the community of Cameron. Her recollections of places and people were the basis of the research throughout our other two books; Cameron Lumbering and the Bradytown, Canoe Run and Chapman Hill books.

If you haven’t already gotten started on this wonderful historical series this is the perfect book to start with. Books are available at the following Cameron County locations: Barbara Moscato Library, Cameron County Chamber of Commerce Artisan Center in Emporium, and The Little Museum in Sterling Run or by calling 814-486-0334.

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